We’re Here for The Life of Your Business.

Whether you are in the planning stages or are an experienced entrepreneur, we can pair you with a mentor to advise you on how to reach your goals. Here's what a few of our clients are saying about us.

"Counselor has incredible knowledge about marketing and sales. He is a fabulous resource for small business owners to learn how to improve marketing efforts. SCORE is the best service I have found without spending thousands of dollars for a consultant. I appreciate the opportunity to get feedback and advice from someone who has such a broad background of experience in the field. The fact that he is a neutral, non-biased adviser is exceptionally valuable. Thank you SCORE!"

"I have received a lot of valuable information and direction from SCORE. You guys are GREAT! Thank you."

"I really appreciate the time and effort spent on my behalf by trained and experienced business professionals. They had very thoughtful suggestions and treated me in a caring manner. They have continued to correspond and offer feedback and ideas."

"Counselor was absolutely wonderful, within a few days he had my business started on the right track. Not only has he relived my stress of getting organized, he is a delightful person."

"I learned a lot from just my initial appt with my counselor. It has given me a strong motivation to start my business in the very near future."

"The Counselor was experienced, knowledgeable, listened carefully and then provided his best advice."

"The counselor was knowledgeable, encouraging and generous with his insightful information. I came away from the meeting with work to do but also with a very positive feeling. My meeting also included Ms. Counselor and I felt her suggestions were equally valuable. I am looking forward to meeting with them again."

"I received a prompt reply as well as good advised."

"Great personal attention and experienced advising."

"I thought the mentors were professional and helpful."

"Our coach was very informative in the area of business that we are seeking advice."

"Clarify business marketing strategy and target customers."

"I believe that the counselor is truly working with SCORE to help people, and he is very knowledgeable and non-judgmental. He gives a unique perspective because he speaks from experience. Good guy!"

"The SCORE advisor was knowledgeable, open, and enthusiastic. We received insightful advice during our meeting and hope to follow up with the advisor at a later time."

"Gave a link to a business that could be helpful. And he seemed to have an interest in guiding us in the future."

"Very valuable as the counselors tend to have plenty of experience under their belts."

"It was great to be able to have my questions answered since this is not something I am familiar with. The counselor was honest when he wasn't sure about one of the answers but gave me information on how I could find out. In addition, he offered his email in case I was unsuccessful. This is a great service!"

"The info I received was very good. The feedback I from the counselor was encouraging."

"Within a few minutes, he was able to discuss our issues."

"Knowledgeable about topics I had questions about."

"Great advice from experienced professionals - for free!"

"Having an unbiased resource to give feedback on business plans is invaluable."

"Knowledgeable, friendly, competent. Relaxed atmosphere."

"Quick and professional response."

"This is a very good service with good advice. I will utilize the service again if timing is appropriate."

"I think it's an awesome concept, having mentors volunteering their time to help people like myself who are trying to start a business. In fact, a just referred my sister to SCORE!"

"Joel did a great job giving us ideas to improve our business that were "out of the box". Neither my partner or myself thought about some of the markets that Joel recommended. He also gave us great advice from personal experience about how to maintain a positive relationship between my partner and myself."

"I was told that because I had no experience and no capital, in addition to the inability to acquire capital that there was a very slim chance of actually being able to pursue the goal that I was trying to achieve."

"Counselor was very knowledgeable and informative. He gave me a lot of things to research and consider as I move forward in growing my business."

"The resources that you guys provide and the experience that the counselor gave me a new perspective to start my business in the first appointment."

"The advisory team was encouraging, yet very frank regarding what I would need to do, and my prospects for business success. I appreciate that. I would not want to go into business and take unnecessary risks. So, even if some of the advice was to take a different tactic, it was sound advice and well worth listening to."

"I am amazed that there are people willing to help small businesses."

"My counselor was very informative, very attentive to everything I had to say. He was able to clarify some doubts that I had and was able to guide me through what I have to do in order to have a foundation for my business."

"Knowledgeable mentor, knew our industry, helped us anticipate challenges, gave thoughtful information."

"It is an easy process to get connected with a counselor. And, I had a great first meeting."

"Seems to be a good resource for small businesses."

"The information and advice provided by the mentor that was assigned to me was informative and helps me to move forward. It also gave me more strength to move forward to proceed with my dreams. I appreciate this type of service given to person(s) that wants to start up their own business."

"I learned a lot, I had no idea how to start my particular business. I got many pointers. Both counselors seemed very eager to help me."

"Both counselors were both extremely insightful and helpful. We covered a lot of ground in 1 hour and their follow up in e-mail the next day was excellent, as well. They have given me a suggested action plan that I can follow."

"Both counselors were very realistic in their advice. I went to have a brain-storming session on what viable small business would work for me. I left realizing that no one can tell you that, it is something that must come from within. I have therefore made progress in my journey to starting my own business."