For many salons, spas, and barbers, business-as-usual has come to a complete halt due to COVID-19. Even with some states reopening, social distancing recommendations still apply to many, for the safety of staff and customers.

Many people who are still at home continue to be interested in maintaining their appearance, as well as find ways to de-stress, and so while they can’t patronize your business at this time, the demand still exists. So how can you attract those customers?

This Small Business Action Plan, created by our partner Constant Contact, can help you manage your business through difficult times and keep you moving forward.

Download the Action Plan for Salon, Spa and Barber Services for detailed steps on maintaining and protecting your business during the coronavirus crisis, such as:

  • Protecting yourself, employees, customers and community
  • Assessing the current situation and generating both short and long-term solutions
  • Adapting your normal operations to keep business going
  • Converting to digital solutions
  • Updating your communication channels
  • Marketing your business appropriately and sensitively during this time
  • Thinking ahead and planning for the future
The Action Plan for Salon, Spa and Barber Services